A People’s Bailout

We need a swift, inclusive bailout by and for the People.  We can no longer rely on the Federal Government and the political duopoly to represent our best interests when they continue to bail out Corporations, not People.  This isn’t partisan or tribal - we ALL need relief and we need it now. The People of this great State have suffered long enough - no more.   

In the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, we have no time to be anything other than visionary and bold - and we do this by investing in #OurCalifornia. As your Governor I would use the California  Emergency Services Act (2 CCR § 8550-8669.7) and the authority vested to me in 2 CCR § 8567a & 2 CCR § 8569-8570 in order to mitigate the effects of our declared States of Emergency both for COVID-19 and our economic crisis by implementing the following:

  • Universal Basic Income and direct cash assistance of $1000/person with the #SaferAtHome mandate is compassionate, ethical, safe & healthy thing to do;
  • Universal Housing for All: Gavin Newsom’s #SaferAtHome statewide initiative ignores our previously unhoused, millions of recently unhoused, and millions more on the brink of homelessness.  Coupling this in with unsafe spaces due to a lack of quality Elder care, minimal availability of ADA certified housing, redlining, and overcrowding as a direct result of government policy failures to address the State’s affordable housing crises… it is time that our government finally acts on our behalf.  If you don’t have shelter, or a safe shelter, in the first place than Newsom’s #SaferAtHome excludes you and is risking your life. This COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a lethal inequality in housing, and has directly impeded our ability to exist peacefully, safely & ensure public health when we need it most. As we re-emerge, we must have Universal Housing for all with diverse housing options to meet the diverse needs of #OurCalifornia. Only then can we be safe home:
    • Immediate self-determined full funding for First Nations of California;
    • Immediately house all unhoused Californians.  Newsom’s neoliberal #ProjectRoomkey & program superficially aim to house 10% of California’s unhoused population in the coming 3 years.  Our lives and our communities are not expendable;
    • Residential Rent & Mortgage Cancellation for the duration of this COVID-19 crisis;
    • Exhaustive and dynamic eviction and foreclosure bans to ensure housing, financial and credit protections for ALL Californians to fully support both renters and homeowners for the duration of this declared State of Emergency, and for one (1) full year following.  Receive a 5.0 COVID-19 Eviction Lab score:
      • Ban evictions unrelated to COVID-19, such as owner-move-in under the Ellis Act or for any breach of lease unrelated to rent payments; 
      • Prosecution and enforcement of economic sanctions on any individual or corporate entity that violate this eviction moratorium. Economic sanctions will include but are not limited to asset seizure, damages for impacted parties & costly State fines
    • Utility moratorium and Shutoff Ban;
    • Grand Recession History shows that in times of economic crises, Private Equity and the Wealthy purchased/obtained large swaths of land with predatory and legally questionable tactics, selling this land for exorbitant prices and exacerbating real estate speculation within the State of California; This negatively impacts both regular homeowners and renters alike - although in very different ways.  I will impose a statewide ban on real estate speculation for the duration of the pandemic plus one year applying and enforcing economic sanctions on any entity that participates in or directly benefits from real estate speculation during this COVID-19 and economic crisis:
      • Prosecution and enforcement of economic sanctions will include but are not limited to asset seizure, damages for impacted parties & costly State fines;
  • #MediCALForAllCalifornians:  Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.  And as healthcare is a human right - I would implement SB562 fully and immediately for #OurCalifornia.  It remains critically important that we ensure such health protections cover all people including essential and low-wage workers, health workers, independent contractors, Veterans, Black and Latinx communities, LGBTQ and Gender Noncomforming Folx, Migrant populations, our Elders, the Disabled, our currently incarcerated peoples, unhoused & housing insecure and all  marginalized and underserved populations.  #MediCALForAllCalifornians will provide free at-point of service:
    • COVID-19 Specific:
      • COVID-19 testing and treatment;
      • COVID-19 Protective equipment;
        • Expanded hospital capacity, especially prioritizing rural areas, territories and tribal lands being hit hardest;
    • Comprehensive healthcare to include medical, dental, hearing, vision, and home- and community-based long-term care, in-patient and out-patient services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care, prescription drugs, and more.
    • Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty and ensuring State Redress by fully meeting all funding Indian Health Service and Urban Indian Health Centers needs’;
    • Include paid Care Leave for all Workers;
    • Include paid Sick Leave for all Workers that extends beyond the two week maximum currently allotted;
  • Food Justice for #OurCalifornia: The pandemic has pushed a broken food system into an emergency of epic proportions: millions of animals killed, rivers of spilt milk, spoiling eggs, mountains of molding vegetables, migrant farmworkers dying, and food bank use spiking across #OurCalifornia.  I believe the only catalyst for true change is supporting localized and sustainable food economies that feed people, not Corporate profits:
    • Ensure Indigenous food sovereignty and the right to live off the land is strengthened through concrete legislation created by California Indians and First Nations & immediate State funding; 
    • Instead of authorizing the use of our National Guard on unconstitutional curfews & peaceful and nonviolent protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights and the funds that wasted during our State Budgetary Crisis, I’d call on the National Guard to assist directly with supply chains from farm-to-table to ensure food is not wasted en masse as millions of Californians wait in food lines and are food insecure;
    • The creation of California’s expansion and supplemental #SNAPForAll program
    • End all State Government Food Contracts that utilize BigAg & transition solely to Californian Small Farmers & Producers;
    • TFC-funded Small Farmers Emergency Loans & Administrative Assistance Program to expand resilient and restorative farming/agricultural practices;
      • Prioritizing funding and administrative support to Farmers of Color who have been historically and disproportionately excluded from land access and farming resources - both federally and locally;
    • State funded program expanding Farm & Food Worker protections and labor relations laws;
    • Debt cancellation programs and additional incentives for farmers and ranchers if the State assumes ownership of farm lands to expand worker and/or customer-owned cooperatives;
    • Create resilient communities with State-funded Expansion of Community Gardens, specifically in urban localities where food deserts have long exacerbated healthy living and access to quality locally grown food;
  • TFC-funded #ChildcareForAll: As our schools and daycares have closed as a result of COVID-19 outbreaks or government stay at home orders, working families - especially working mothers, have been hit the hardest.  For many in #OurCalifornia, returning to pre-pandemic childcare arrangements isn’t economically feasible.     Supporting working families supports every facet of our economy and the Tax Fairness Commission is capable of authorizing funding for independently assigned childcare to each working family (if it wanted) for up to 40 hours per week for the duration of our declared States of Emergency.
    • TFC-funded #ChildcareForAll will invest in the childcare workforce 
      • Improve material working conditions for the childcare workforce
        • Improve inequities in State treatment of early educators in childcare vs. public schools
      • Working Families are eligible for TFC Childcare employment
      •  Increase recruitment opportunities for Child Care Providers UNITED - SEIU Local 99 & United Domestic Workers of America
    • Allow working families to the freedom and stability to return to places of employment 
    • Begin to address and reverse the devastating effects we’ve seen thus far in COVID-19 impacting the employment and  professional growth opportunities of working mothers
    • Provide individual support and consistent contact with working families children within the home to support appropriate academic rigor and social development;
  • In the true spirit of Upton Sinclair’s End Poverty in California campaign, I will call on fellow Citizens, Socialists, Governors, and fellow Socialist Gubernatorial campaigns across this country to adopt and implement the same.

Given Governor Newsom’s declared States of Emergency and his Constitutional authority, there is nothing logistically stopping Governor Newsom from adopting and immediately implementing all of these policies for the health, well-being, and future of #OurCalfironia.  I call on him to do so immediately.

Tax Fairness Commission

In the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, we don’t have time to be anything other than bold and visionary.  In order to End Poverty in California, I know that we need sweeping tax reform.  I believe the plans detailed below within the Tax Fairness Commission will support #OurCalifornia and will bring about the robust safety net and positive socioeconomic changes that our State needs to see during this declared State of Emergency and long after.  Furthermore, I believe the Tax Fairness Commission can End Poverty in California.

I can’t make paying taxes pleasant, but the very least the State can do is make it simpler.

Multiple nonpartisan tax fairness organizations and our own Federal government have long confirmed that taxing investment income at significantly lower rates than salaries and wages has lost $1.3 trillion over the last 10 years. We can see the inequities and inequalities of California’s tax code playing out with tax breaks, changes in income from capital gains and dividends, loopholes, and outright tax evasion - all of which are heavily utilized by California’s wealthy.  

High-income households and large Corporations benefit most from California’s Tax Breaks to the tune of more than $63 billion dollars in lost State revenue each year, which is an amount equivalent to more than 40% of the 2019-20 State or California General Fund budget. And that’s before legal loopholes and blatant tax evasion.

Still, the largest contributor to increasing income inequality both in our State and our Nation has been taxation changes in income from capital gains and dividends  which solely benefit the wealthy.  As a result, both our Federal & State governments have previously upheld austerity tactics on the poor to compensate for the wealthy not paying their fair shares. In fact, 30 percent of income inequality is due to unfair taxes and subsequent budget cuts to social services and benefits.  It is time this changes.  

As this COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crises have shown us, the wealthy and the Corporations they own in this State have seen their wealthy rise astronomically, while #OurCalifornia saw 25% unemployment, struggled to remain in our homes and regularly relied on charitable food lines to keep food on our tables.  California Billionaires saw their net worth jump $313 Billion, averaging an additional 45% increase, 7 times the State’s Revenue Shortfall for both 2020 & 2021; resulting in the State of California & locality governments significantly cutting critical public services.  This has always been unacceptable, and yet cruelty is compounded as Governor Newsom has allowed this  to continue during a pandemic and economic crises of these proportions.

No more.

It’s time for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. When they take unfair advantage of the many loopholes in the tax code the rest of us pick up the tab.

Instead of cutting education funding for our children, adults & futures, instead of postponing critical infrastructure repair across the State, instead of cutting mediCAL during a pandemic, instead of forcibly shuffling our unhoused and say that we have no other recourse… TAX. THE. RICH.  AND. CLOSE. THE. LOOPHOLES.

The point is to create a Tax Fairness Commission (TFC) during this declared State of Emergency & Impacted Parties Council within TFC, with the goal of keeping the TFC long after the pandemic and economic crisis ends for the betterment of society and for the futures of #OurCalifornia.

  • Part 1: Close State of California Individual & Corporate Tax Loopholes effective immediately:
    • Increasing Large Corporation Taxes & reducing their substantial tax breaks;
    • Increasing the tax on business revenue over $100million from 9% to 25%;
    • Close Commercial & Corporate tax loopholes for property to be taxed at current market value;
    • Increasing the tax on business revenue over $100million from 9% to 25%;
  • Part 2: End State subsidies immediately to any corporation that utilizes offshore accounts;
  • Part 3: End State subsidies to any corporation that has significant CA labor violations, class action suits, or outstanding and unresolved labor infractions (Ex. SpaceX & Tesla lost multiple class actions, unresolved hazardous conditions for both the State & OSHA, etc.);
  • Part 4: #OurCalifornia Individual Tax Reform:
    • No increase in State Personal Income Taxes for any Californian with an annual income under $350,000:
      • All Californians individually making $20,000 - $49,999 per year individually, or $40,000 - $99,999 per couple, will receive an additional State obligatory minimum tax refund of 25% of their earned income;
      • And all Californians making $50,000 - $75,000 per year individually, or $100,000 - 150,000 per couple, will receive an additional State obligatory minimum tax refund of 15% of their earned income;
    • Create and implement temporary income tax code applied to annual income tax brackets of $350,000, $500,000 & $1,000,000;
    • Create and Implement a Wealth Tax on California’s Top 4%.  Our Billionaires and Millionaires (790,200 of 39.51 million Californians):
      • A modest 3% wealth tax from those 165 Californians alone would provide the State and #OurCalifornia, $21.711billion for desperately needed public services and programs; $21.71billion is more than ⅓ of California’s current operating budget
    • Simplify Tax Filing with Postcard and Precision Withholding;
  • Part 5: #OurCalifornia Small Business Tax Reform:
    • Expanding #OurCalifornia’s Capital Access Program for Small Business under the Public Bank of California;
    • Simplify Small Business State Tax Filing to One Page;
  • Part 6: Create a Public and Transparent TFC Impacted Parties Council which allows for feedback, representation, research and the opportunity to create legislation to better the lives and futures of #OurCalifornia; Limitless but critically needed TFC-Funded possibilities include:
    • TFC-funded #ChildcareForAll
    • TFC-funded Locality Infrastructure Revitalization Initiatives - Californians within individual localities determine and prioritize what they need. the State will provide the funding;
  • In the true spirit of Upton Sinclair’s End Poverty in California campaign, I will call on fellow Citizens, Socialists, Governors, and fellow Socialist Gubernatorial campaigns across this country to adopt and implement the same.

I am proud to have connected our Policies and Executive Orders for Tax Fairness Commission Tax policy positions to precedent of previously passed CA legislation, bills currently making their way through California State Legislature, policy insight from the California’s own Public Policy Institute, California Budget Center, Americans for Tax Fairness, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and recent David Binder Research polling with an approval rating from 70% of Californians to taxing millionaires more during this pandemic.

Given Governor Newsom’s declared States of Emergency and his Constitutional authority, there is nothing logistically stopping Governor Newsom from adopting and immediately implementing all of these policies for the health, well-being, and future of #OurCalfironia.  I call on him to do so immediately.

COVID-19 response

In declaring a California State of Emergency, our Governor, Gavin Newsom, has used the California  Emergency Services Act and the authority vested to him (2 CCR § 8550-8574) to protect the wealthy and large Corporations, and provide superficial and ineffective protection of workers, our health, and our housing.  Why should we continue to allow a Governor to invoke California Emergency Services Act power when he isn’t truly protecting The People in a state of Emergency? We are currently being led by a government and officials paid off by Lobbyists, Corporations & Special Interests who are demanding we stay open without providing #OurCalifornia the critical support we need.

In the midst of a pandemic and debilitating economic crisis, we don’t have time to be anything other than visionary and bold.  As your Governor, in responding both our COVID-19 and economic crises, I would use California Emergency Services Act  and the authority vested to me to fully protect #OurCalifornia, our health, our workers, our small businesses & communities.

#OurCalifornia believes the path forward is with dynamic, cost-avoidant, revenue building & resilient policies to ethically, humanely & correctly address the current CA budget & forecasted deficit during this pandemic and declared States of Emergency:

  • Tax Fairness Commission
  • A People’s Bailout: Emergency Universal Basic Income, Housing, Food Justice with SNAPForAll, TFC-Childcare
  • #MediCALForAllCalifornians
  • Pre-K - 12 Education
  • Mask Mandates, Mass-testing, Extensive Contact Tracing & Effective quarantine methods
  • Protecting Workers and Material Working Conditions
  • Small Business Support

As your Governor, I would use the California  Emergency Services Act (2 CCR § 8550-8669.7) and the authority vested to me in 2 CCR § 8567a & 2 CCR § 8569-8570 in order to mitigate the effects of our declared States of Emergency both for COVID-19 and our economic crisis.

Governor Gavin Newsom's Failed Promises and the #OurCalifornia Way

Lauren Keyes-Scott, Universal Housing Policy Director
Adriel Hampton for California Governor

We understand Governor Gavin Newsom's desire to move the state to firmer economic footing, but believe his haste to transition to his Phase 2 is significantly risking the successes that the People of California, and all front-line and essential workers have already achieved.  Governor Newsom’s Phase 1 was already found to be superficial and inadequately addressing the needs of ALL #OurCalifornia. Newsom’s policies are not the way.

As Newsom has promised to transition to Phase 2 in the coming weeks, he has yet to accomplish or fulfill his own Phase 1 for the State of California. Thus, we have the following responses and urge Governor Newsom to adopt the following policies to ensure that all Californians are covered and capable of transitioning to Phase 2.

RE: Actions needed to get from Stage 1 to Stage 2 that Governor Newsom still needs to accomplish to address the needs of #OurCalifornia

  • A #SaferAtHome statewide mandate must be centered on ensuring every Californian has a safe home to stay in.  It is within the Governor’s power to provide #HousingForAll, Repeal Costa-Hawkins, #CancelRent, and provide an eviction moratorium
  • Ensure the public can reduce community spread w/ free masks, testing and #MedicareForAll
  • A People's Bailout
  • Making the essential workforce environment as safe as possible*
  • Rebuilding with the #GreenNewDeal
  • Taxing the top 2% accordingly for wealth redistribution and taxing corporations fairly
  • Releasing needed funds to city and county government departments
  • Ending government subsidies immediately to any corporation that benefits from offshore accounts
  • Ending government subsidies to any corporation that has significant CA labor violations, class action suits or outstanding and unresolved labor infractions (i.e., SpaceX and Tesla lost class actions over work breaks, hazardous conditions)
  • Encouraging environmental justice and stewardship - advancement of indigenous land reclamation, protection and stewardship to ensure our lands, air, and water have the opportunities to continue healing (as a result of our temporary shutdown) for future generations

* Real time consistent communication and collaboration with unions, labor leaders, and essential workers in relative sectors, as above groups will be involved in policy, planning, opening, and maintenance of business and sectors re-opening.

RE: Governor Newsom opening schools earlier in the school year    

We believe this mandate is a policy failure lacking real-time consistent communication and collaboration with unions, labor leaders and essential workers both in the school system and childcare sectors.  Their lack of inclusion and involvement for the policy, planning, opening and maintenance of their sectors re-opening is troubling.

  • Did labor unions in those sectors agree to opening earlier?
  • Did this coincide with state-approved contracts?
  • Will the state finally fund districts appropriately to meet the needs of their communities?
  • Does this include hazard pay salaries, classroom necessities (textbooks, computers, etc.)?
  • Did Governor Newsom convene with teachers and staff across the state who will be on the front lines?
  • Did these teachers and staff approve of opening early?

Newsom's latest press conference leaves #OurCalifornia with more questions than answers, and inequities that will further compound these unnecessarily trying times as the pandemic continues.

We believe in:

  • Expanded workforce safety net: same expanded workforce protections, minimum non-essential worker living wage increases (gov't assistance for small business compensation), wage replacement and state mandated sick day allotment provisions
  • Educational programs opening based on their standard start dates (if all necessary safety benchmarks are met to relax phasing)
  • Free childcare available to all workers returning
  • Work with all unions and labor (esp CSEA, SEIU Local 99, CTA, AFLCIO) to ensure their work spaces and needs are met and schools, staff are appropriately funded and ready to reopen
  • Class size reduction based on social distancing needs
  • Hazard Pay for all teaching, custodial and maintenance, admin staff in schools, childcare staff
  • State providing 3:1 masks to studio ratio available, and masks will be provided for every student registered if needed
  • Identify best ways to address learning loss and gaps for students with potential to review California education standards and flexibility to meet them during pandemic/crisis
  • Ensure standardized procedures statewide for students, staff and parent safety minimizing harm, risk and potential spread

We believe these measures will ensure the safety and well-being of workers and their families, allowing a broader workforce to return to work.

RE: Governor Newsom’s Statewide Surveillance

We believe in #MedicareForAll and #HousingForAll for ALL Californians: this is #OurCalifornia... We do not support or endorse #SurveillanceForAll. We believe that the State of California can accurately report the ebbs and flows of COVID19 without a “statewide surveillance program.”

The vagueness of Newsom’s “Statewide surveillance” program is troubling and as it's written, we do not feel we need our rights to privacy and security further violated under the guise of a State government COVID-19 response. Without voluntary tests, testing results the State is obligated to provide, there is nothing to review. Surveillance is not what #OurCalifornia needs during an epidemic. #OurCalifornia needs to be given the resources, tools and adequate space to thrive.  Furthermore, surveillance programs with local/regional support often entail police/court use. Given how California’s data shows the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the same populations and neighborhoods that are most susceptible to health disparities, income inequality and structural racism hardest, we vehemently oppose any state sanctioned local police/court presence in Newsom’s “statewide surveillance program w/ regional/local variation” in those communities.

As previously mentioned in #OurCalifornia Phase 1, we would release needed funding to ensure city and county government departments were ALL appropriately staffed and equipped to address these essential reporting needs for #OurCalifornia. Unlike Newsom’s plan, we would require ALL counties to adhere to uniform standards for data published and it needs to be made available online weekly: tests completed, tests positive, tests positive and hospitalized or in ICU beds, and COVID19 deaths (including death count updates/corrections from weeks/months prior).

Measurements already released by the California Dept of Public Health include the number of people in each county who are hospitalized or in ICU beds. We believe that releasing accurate information in a timely fashion reduces disinformation campaigns, can calm general public’s anxiety or fear with how our actions are flattening curves and alert populations most in need to be as vigilant and careful as they can be in these unnecessarily trying times.

County and city offices can continue to detail all test results as they received and report publicly. We agree that counties should be able and empowered to relax #StayAtHome orders at their county’s pace and based on needs once Statewide safety benchmarks are achieved.