COVID-19 response

In declaring a California State of Emergency, our Governor, Gavin Newsom, has used the California  Emergency Services Act and the authority vested to him (2 CCR § 8550-8574) to protect the wealthy and large Corporations, and provide superficial and ineffective protection of workers, our health, and our housing.  Why should we continue to allow a Governor to invoke California Emergency Services Act power when he isn’t truly protecting The People in a state of Emergency? We are currently being led by a government and officials paid off by Lobbyists, Corporations & Special Interests who are demanding we stay open without providing #OurCalifornia the critical support we need.

In the midst of a pandemic and debilitating economic crisis, we don’t have time to be anything other than visionary and bold.  As your Governor, in responding both our COVID-19 and economic crises, I would use California Emergency Services Act  and the authority vested to me to fully protect #OurCalifornia, our health, our workers, our small businesses & communities.

#OurCalifornia believes the path forward is with dynamic, cost-avoidant, revenue building & resilient policies to ethically, humanely & correctly address the current CA budget & forecasted deficit during this pandemic and declared States of Emergency:

  • Tax Fairness Commission
  • A People’s Bailout: Emergency Universal Basic Income, Housing, Food Justice with SNAPForAll, TFC-Childcare
  • #MediCALForAllCalifornians
  • Pre-K – 12 Education
  • Mask Mandates, Mass-testing, Extensive Contact Tracing & Effective quarantine methods
  • Protecting Workers and Material Working Conditions
  • Small Business Support

As your Governor, I would use the California  Emergency Services Act (2 CCR § 8550-8669.7) and the authority vested to me in 2 CCR § 8567a & 2 CCR § 8569-8570 in order to mitigate the effects of our declared States of Emergency both for COVID-19 and our economic crisis.