Reproductive Healthcare and Justice for All Californians 

Our State’s highest court recognized abortion rights under the California Constitution in 1969, four years before the Roe decision.  And as such, our State law protects the right to personal reproductive decisions regardless of whether Roe v Wade ever falls.

However, at no time in our State’s history have Women, especially Black, Brown & Indigenous Women, had the reproductive justice that they deserve. I say this as in the last decade, the State of California has made significant advancements in reducing maternal & infant mortality by 55% – a statistic that excludes Black Californian Women, regardless of wealth, still remain three to four times more likely to die than their White Californian peers.

As your gubernatorial candidate for 2022, I proudly call for our government to finally commit to ensuring #ReproductiveHealthcareAndJusticeForAllCalifornians.  When #OurCalifornia’s most marginalized are protected and succeed, we all win.  I intend to End Poverty in California, and these are the policies and the vision I believe will achieve it:

  • All reproductive health services, from wellness checks, STIs, fertility, cancer screenings, contraception, reproductive hygiene products, transitioning, gender affirming hormone therapy, family planning, abortion will be free at the point of service under my #MediCALForAllCalifornians program;
    • To ensure #OurCalifornia receives the reproductive health care we deserve, I will expand funding and resources for all other State initiatives that protect Women’s, Men’s, Trans & Gender Non-binary reproductive health;
      • State investment in reproductive health care has doubled over the past two years, allowing Planned Parenthood and other community health providers to open more physical, sexual & reproductive health centers all while expanding their telehealth service options. I will double this State investment for my term as Governor;
    • All participating providers, facilities, and pharmacies will be required to prominently display, in plain language, & in multiple languages as based on needs of the community, information of California patients’ rights under our #MediCALForAllCalifornians, as well as resources to file complaints;
  • State insurance cards will allow for free in-store purchase of contraception and birth control methods from private retailers;
  • State insurance cards will allow for free in-store purchase of reproductive hygiene products (sanitary napkins, tampons, period cups, limited period/leak proof underwear, etc);
  • Ensure contraception, birth control methods &  reproductive hygiene products are free and available at all State/County Public Health offices;
  • As the reproductive health programs are part of the #MediCALForAllCalifornians initiative – ensure that the #MediCALForAllCalifornians in its entirety – including #ReproductiveHealthcareAndJusticeForAllCalifornians are available and utilized by all individuals under State care – be it our incarcerated and/or those under psychiatric care;
  • Create legislation which expands Pregnancy Disability Employment Protections & General Rights under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law;
  • Create legislation which expands California State Family/Maternity Leave/Care rights and protections;
  • Create legislation which expands Reasonable Accommodation Leave protections for pregnancy-related disabilities;
  • Create legislation that bans introducing habit-forming opioids to women after childbirth;
  • Continue to support California’s Attorney General Office in challenging new 2020 & 2021 Federal Hurdles restricting abortion coverage, from the $1 abortion care premium to legal attempts to challenge the Hyde & Helms Amendments;
  • Develop a new State Office, Reproductive Justice for the Underserved & Marginalized:
    • Research;
    • Policy Development;
    • Compose and Publish a State Resource Guide for Holistic Treatment Options by County for Reproductive Justice for the Underserved & Marginalized;
    • Addressing COVID-19 barriers to reproductive health care in the State of California promptly through expansion of information & public service announcements, #MediCALForAllCalifornians rights &  transportation assistance;
    • Hire Culturally-Competent Care Consultants who work with Local Public Health Departments, Private + Public Hospitals and Clinics to appropriately train Sexual Health and Reproductive Health on the needs of #OurCalifornia’s underserved & marginalized communities – specifically including but not limited to Trans/Gender Non-binary/Nonconforming, Black Maternity & Infant Mortality, California Indian Maternity & Infant Mortality, Intersectionality of #OurCalifornia’s Poor, Environmental Injustice & Healthcare disparities;
    • Support grassroots organizations and local community mutual aid efforts to include but not limited to:
      • Diaper Banks;
      • Intimate Hygiene, Tampon, Sanitary Napkins & Condom Bank;
      • LGBTQIA sexual and reproductive health services;
      • Specifically Trans, Gender Non-Binary & Gender nonconforming sexual and reproductive health services including Transitioning, Hormone Replacement Therapy;
    • Receive complaints and determine economic sanctions for hospitals, clinics & healthcare service providers in the State failing to serve or provide reproductive justice to #OurCalifornia;
  • Eager to work with the California Lifting Children and Families out of Poverty Task Force to ensure all recommended strategies can be funded and achieved for #OurCalifornia through public policy, action & the robust social safety nets we deserve in our resilient and sustainable communities;
  • I look forward to working with Sister Song, Black Women for Wellness (Reproductive Justice Policy Work), California Black Women’s Health Project, Black Women’s Health Imperative, California Women’s Law Center, Access: Women’s Health Justice, Building Healthy Communities, 4Kira4Moms, National Black Women’s Justice Institute (NBWJI), NIA Collective, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, The Women’s Foundation of California, Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM), California Immigrant Policy Center, A New Way of Life Reentry Project, California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, Oasis Legal Services, Los Angeles Coalition for Reproductive Justice, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, Institute for Policy Studies & other grassroots and impactful organizations, advocates, activists and pillars in Black Maternal Health, reproductive justice for Communities of Color, human rights, gender-inclusivity and research communities to ensure the needs of ALL in #OurCalifornia are inclusive and sustainably met;
  • State Deputization of chosen grassroots nonprofits who are successfully providing dynamic and critical social services to #OurCalifornia to act as an extension of our government in expanding their work and services with the funding, staffing and State recognition they deserve;
    • Will participate within the State Jobs Guarantee Program;
  • In the true spirit of Upton Sinclair’s End Poverty in California campaign, I will call on fellow Citizens, Socialists, Governors, and fellow Socialist Gubernatorial campaigns across this country to adopt and implement the same;