State Jobs Guarantee

The State of California has failed us.

Our labor laws and protections have failed us.

Many of our electeds base their legislation, votes and political successes on private corporations.

We see this in how our tax dollars are given to employers that abuse their labor, that deny labor rights, and they do so for their sole profit.  This dates back to California’s pre-State status with miners, and corporations that exploited both foreign and domestic labor for railroads, mining, rubber, construction & farming.  It’s a history with outcomes engrained into our current structures that are driven by privatization & corporate profit.

#OurCalifornia deserves better.

Every Californian deserves the a respectable job, chosen from a variety of sustainable fields that support our communities, our resilience & #OurCalifornia.  We deserve: liveable wages, broad and robust  benefits including the return of pensions, and the protected opportunity to have Solidarity with fellow Workers across our State and Country.  There are enough resources and opportunities for us all.

I recognize however that with the creation of such a State program that guarantees expansion of our labor, we must ensure the government acts with intention, sustainably and minimizes fiscal waste.  While some current State departments are essential, some positions, purposes, expenditures and outcomes do not reflect their initial purposes and intentions.  As your Governor, I will be utilizing previous and new fiscal and organizational audits for a complete State government reorganization.  This reorganization will be grounded in data, public good, and benefit ALL Californians as it will also ensure every State Department within our government can also participate within this State Jobs Guarantee program.

We deserve systems and government programs that are appropriately funded, effective, safe, meet our needs, increase sustainability and resilience in our communities, minimize fiscal waste, strengthen the 6th largest economy in the world & end the apparent pay-for-play corruption from government officials – elected or otherwise. This State Jobs Guarantee will guarantee these rights and protections for Every Californian and be another means to ensure we permanently End Poverty in California.  When #OurCalifornia’s most marginalized are protected and succeed, we all win.

As your Governor, I intend to End Poverty in California, and this is how I believe a State Jobs Guarantee & structural reorganization will help us achieve this:

New and Expanded State Departments:

  • The creation and expansion of the following State Departments
    • Expanded California State Library
    • State of California Office of Unionization
      • Supporting the creation and expansion of Unions (including Sex Workers)
      • In honor of the 1995 #JusticeForJanitors movement, Solidarity in the protection needed by the State for illegal actions and Hewlett-Packard Corporate leaders creating a fake union to suppress true Union participation, all unions will be certified with the State to ensure legitimacy and protection of Workers’ Rights
      • The State will not grant certification to Police/Law Enforcement Unions. The State will classify them as special interest groups currently ineligible.
        • Police unions fundamentally differ from all trade unions in America and have historically worked to oppress the American Labor Movement.
        • As police defend Capital and Property rights, police have remained foot soldiers of the Wealthy’s desires, exacerbating poverty, upholding racism and cultures of extreme State violence.
        • Law enforcement officer unions also exclusively protect the interests of their members, without consideration for other workers, also sets police unions apart from other labor groups as they do not connect their labor to larger justice movements that fight for and uplift all workers;
        • Police unions shield law enforcement officers who have abused their authority and public trust.
      • Act as a hub to connect legislators to workers in this State and increase understanding their needs;
      • Act as a hub to identify industry-level collective bargaining and ways to improve material working conditions for All Workers in the State
      • All Union Members and certified unions can contribute and participate in the creation of legislation and critical program support for Union Workers in #OurCalifornia
      • Collaborate with California Legislature’s Women’s Caucus for bills like Senate Bill 1383 which extend workers in small businesses with the same 12 week unpaid family leave protections to workers currently receive in large businesses;
    • Indigenous Environmental Stewardship & Reclamation Department to work with ALL of California’s 164 First Nations to determine what they’d like to see this department become, do, protect, and what State Power and authority we can authorize California’s Indians in leading it.
      • State & Locality Seed Bank & Library with Local and native species for preservation identified by all 164 Tribes and California Indians in every County/Region of California to strengthen permaculture, biodiversity & ensure California’s Climate Resilience;
      • Collab thru OIG & AG for Eminent Domain/Adoptive Forfeiture for Corporate Crimes:
        • California Edison spaces (and any other energy/utility Corp that owns forest in State Parks) – returning those IMMEDIATELY to Native Peoples to become tribal land.
        • Collab thru OIG & AG Eminent Domain/Adoptive Forfeiture for Corporate Crimes (Seize it one way or another) ALL private water bottling company locations (Arrowhead which steals water from the San Bernardino Mountains, Nestle & Starbucks which steal water across the State) – who pay pennies (if they pay at all) to drain a public and essential resource – water;
      • Fires are a way of life for California – however the severity and duration of the natural disasters we’ve seen in recent years have as much to do with rises in temperature, droughts, as much as Federal and State mismanagement and legislation.  More importantly, California Indians and First Nations have long been stewards of our environment and have been spiritual practicing rights with cultural burns, and the weakening of Tribal Sovereignty.  No more.  The State of California will meet California Indians and First Nations Land and Forest Rehabilitation needs (specifically through funding, legislation) where both our State and Federal Government do not. State Legislation must reflect California Indian needs, spiritual practices, and environmental stewardship;
      • The State of California must meet Sovereign States’ Fish, Wildlife and Recreation needs (specifically funding) that the Federal Government does not. State Legislation must reflect California Indian needs, spiritual practices, and environmental stewardship;
      • As the FY2019 Federal Budget proposed to eliminate the BIA Tribal Resilience Program, which helps increase tribal capacity to address the effects of climate change, the State of California must fully cover (and expand) all services this program provided under California’s new Indigenous Environmental Stewardship & Reclamation Department. State Legislation and action must reflect California Indian needs, spiritual practices, and environmental stewardship;
    • Tribal Embassy:
    • Tribal Consulates:
    • State of California Open Data Department – resilient communities are transparent
      • Expose and release what every level of our government is doing and detail how it is working or not working for us in simpler ways;
    • #OurCalifornia EPIC offices
      • State Dept offices in each locality that have resources, referrals & immediate program support to End Poverty in California for all in #OurCalifornia;
      • Research;
      • Creation and reforms of Public policy initiatives to effectively address and end poverty in California;
      • Eager to work with the California Lifting Children and Families out of Poverty Task Force to ensure all recommended strategies can be funded and achieved for #OurCalifornia through public policy, action & the robust social safety nets we deserve in our resilient and sustainable communities;
      • Policy Initiatives:
        • #MediCALForAllCalifornians
        • #SnapForAllCalifornians
        • #UniversalHousingForAllCalifornians
        • #ReproductiveJusticeForAllCalifornians
        • Reinvesting in  #PublicEducationForAllCalifornians
        • #BroadbandForAllCalifornians
        • #ChildcareForAllCalifornians
        • State Jobs Guarantee
        • Public Market
        • Public Bank
        • Funeral Services
    • State of California #ADOS Department
      • Research
      • Economic State Redress
      • ADOS Wills Initiative & Land- grant Extension Agents
      • Rectifying Redlined Communities through reinvestment of housing, healthcare, re-evaluating and correcting present and long-documented devaluation of Black property and assets,
      • K-12 Curriculum & Textbook Revisionist Review & Replacement
      • Support HR 1636 which establishes a Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys,
      • Promote State legislation to close the racial wealth gap for #ADOS
    • State of California Development/Infrastructure/Construction/Creation
      • Possible nationalization/municipalization of resources (cement, wood, copper, steel, etc) for the purpose of future State projects ?
        • If not nationalization/municipalization – ensuring some obnoxiously low & contracted rate ?
      • Allow interagency communication and auditing and public input to reduce fraud, overcharging, pay-for-play corruption schemes & unnecessarily wasteful expenditures/projects which have previously kneecapped previous governments and public projects;
    • Reproductive Justice for the Underserved & Marginalized
      • Research;
      • Policy Development;
      • Compose and Publish a State Resource Guide for Holistic Treatment Options by County for Reproductive Justice for the Underserved & Marginalized;
      • Addressing COVID-19 barriers to reproductive health care in the State of California promptly through expansion of information & public service announcements, #MediCAL For California nsC rights &  transportation assistance;
      • Hire Culturally-Competent Care Consultants who work with Local Public Health Departments, Private + Public Hospitals and Clinics to appropriately train Sexual Health and Reproductive Health on the needs of #OurCalifornia’s underserved & marginalized communities – specifically including but not limited to Trans/Gender Non-binary/Nonconforming, Black Maternity & Infant Mortality, California Indian Maternity & Infant Mortality, Intersectionality of #OurCalifornia’s Poor, Environmental Injustice & Healthcare disparities;
      • Support grassroots organizations and local community mutual aid efforts to include but not limited to:
        • Diaper Banks;
        • Intimate Hygiene, Tampon, Sanitary Napkins & Condom Bank;
        • LGBTQIA sexual and reproductive health services;
        • Specifically Trans, Gender Non-Binary & Gender nonconforming sexual and reproductive health services including Transitioning, Hormone Replacement Therapy;
      • Receive complaints and determine economic sanctions for hospitals, clinics & healthcare service providers in the State failing to serve or provide reproductive justice to #OurCalifornia;
    • Department of Direct Democracy
      • Ensure public access, government transparency & accountability, public ethics complaints & investigations of electeds, ballot measures, legislation, voting
    • ADA Compliance
    • Public Bank of California
    • #OurCalifornia EPIC offices in each locality
  • Expansion of:
    • Department of Labor
    • Department of Industrial Relations
      • Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
    • Office of the Attorney General
    • Public Health
    • Department of Developmental Services
  • Complete overhaul of:
    • California’s Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) – appropriately fund and altar current responsibilities. Like ensuring State data is shared appropriately between necessary departments (and reducing bureaucratic red tape for Californians in need of service and assistance), fixing the catastrophic delays of our Unemployment Insurance program “upgrades” and doing so in house.  Need entirely new database creations for data collection and public involvement in law enforcement misconduct cases, public ethics complaints filed against California elected officials, TFC-Impacted Parties Council, etc
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Food and Agriculture
    • Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Shutter the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to bring about community based alternatives
  • End State collaboration and defund all monies from the statewide growth lobbi and McKinsey & Co. collaborator, California Forward.

Guaranteed State Jobs

Work with the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to ensure all State Jobs Guarantee employment positions and training are Title I ADA compliant for all state and local government & deputized grassroots organization employers.

  • Doulas
  • Home Care & Midwives programs (promoting Black, California Native, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander Women to expand culturally competent and accessible healthcare)
  • Therapeutic Farm Staff & Administration
  • Weapons Range & Certification Specialist
  • Open Data Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Interpreters
  • Data Analysts
  • Systems Developer
  • Construction/Infrastructure Development & Repair
    • Pipe layers
    • Laborer
    • Tradesman
    • Superintendent
    • Carpenter
    • Engineer
    • Iron worker
    • Pipe fitter
    • Product worker
    • Journeyman
    • Operator
    • Clerks
    • Etc
  • Green Fleet Transit Factory & Manufacturing
  • Green Fleet Transit Bus Driver
  • Public Market Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Childcare Worker
  • Nanny
  • Logistics & Delivery
  • Community-led public safety systems;
  • Rapid response teams;
  • Mental health specialists – trained in culturally responsive de-escalation, working with individuals with disabilities, restorative justice, and more – responding to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis;
  • Trauma-informed crisis intervention teams trained to disarm, de-escalate and connect individuals to services;
  • Addiction Specialists;
  • Community-led & traffic patrol/response;
  • Community mediators, as employees of the local public health department, who are trained in mediation, applied psychology, conflict resolution and relationship management for minor community disputes;
  • School climate specialists—trained in culturally responsive de-escalation, working with students with disabilities, restorative justice, and more—who can intervene in emotionally or physically volatile situations and act with the best interests for all students involved;
  • Expand locality non-emergency numbers (511) for concerned community members to call instead of 911 and dispatch any of the above unarmed individuals to respond;
  • School Nurses
  • School Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Public Banker
  • California Indian Veterans Affairs State Advocates
  • Variety of Deputized grassroot nonprofit employment positions

I look forward to working with Sustainable Economies Law Center, California Calls, Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education; California Domestic Workers Coalition, USDA Coalition of Minority Employees, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Women’s Earth Alliance, California Farmers Union, California Farm Bureau Federation, La Cooperativa Campesina, Gender Spectrum, Líderes Campesinas, Empower Prep, Comité Cívico del Valle, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy, California Rural Legal Assistance, California Farmworker Foundation, Grassroots Policy Project, The LIFT Fund, CURB Equality California Institute for Policy Studies & other grassroots organizations, all trade unions, along with pillars in the labor, human rights, and research communities to ensure the needs of ALL in #OurCalifornia are inclusive and sustainably met.

In the true spirit of Upton Sinclair’s End Poverty in California campaign, I will call on fellow Citizens, Socialists, Governors, and fellow Socialist Gubernatorial campaigns across this country to adopt and implement the same.